shothunt plus
The new Shothunt ™ range model designed for those who demand the best performances

Shothunt Plus keep all the same features of the other models adding new useful functionalities:
Advanced connectivity that makes it possible to interface with two-way radios, mobile phones and televisions.
- Ease of volume regulation with the pocket remote control.

- Better audio quality thanks to the new sound menagement algorithm with 16 channels.

- Binaural wireless technology that enables simultaneous left and right earphone operation for even more precise stereophony.

- Sound Switch Control to switch between different listening programmes. The user can ask to have these programmes setted to suit different hunting situations and daily requirements.

- Frequency transposition that makes it possible to hear lost sounds such as turdus sound. This innovative technology transforms and reproduces the frequencies of such sounds by bringing them into the range audible to the user.
TV Transmitter:
By connecting this Bluetooth device to the television and wearing the new Smart Connect magnetic collar, the user will be able to listen directly from the earphones to the television, eliminating surrounding noise achieving perfect speech understanding.
IPhone Direct Connection:
Apple Iphone users, who do not need to interface with two-way radios, can request the version equipped with Bluetooth BLE technology that allows direct connection to the Iphone and television without having to wear a collar.
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